ES: Uncorked

In the fast-paced, modern world, adults will want to enjoy a bottle of wine every now and then. Even with limited knowledge of wine and its varieties, buyers still want to make an informed purchase within budget. Ginny and Shanna, a mother-daughter duo, dared to ask,


“Does a $300.00 bottle of wine really taste

 different than a $30.00 bottle?”


For the ordinary person with an untrained palette, the answer is generally no. There simply isn’t enough of a difference to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a single bottle of wine when a bottle that costs less than $30.00 can be comparable in taste. Ginny and Shanna set out to develop a platform to help people who want to find relatively inexpensive wines that pair well with meals. 


Ginny & Shanna




Together, these women have proven that with even a small knowledge of wine, anyone can be their own Everyday Sommelier, and enjoy an affordable, comparable, fine∙ish wine at any given time.